melt and change

cling to parts
you least expect
and slide over
the sticky bits.

As puffs rocket
to inspired and back
to puffs.

As waves
break with a sigh
against you thoughts.

Your innocence lives
in a foggy mirror
Where you forgive
yourself too often.

Squint at the smile
you see reflected,
but self-actualized
hides blank eyes
when you slow down
to breath a space

through the fog.


Rain sneaks into snow
as sun bursts through
like a pissed off momma.

Clouds scatter into snakes
to temper the sun.

They sneak into
mountain crevasses,
savage disinterest
in the valley they frame.

Rain slithers back in
to catch sun,
their sparks
cast a rainbow
stumbling to mirror itself
against Cascade mountain
in the distance.

As familiar landscapes change
with Snapchat efficacy
I understand a lifetime
of eyes trained
to this landscape
won’t see it the same way
day by day.

The energy it produces
is a second voice in my head
I was born to live here
in this perfect storm.

Responsible Happiness

My happiness
depends on me.

I am responsible
for my thoughts.

I am not
for the happiness
of the people around
me. I can only take on
where my thoughts go.
and the feelings towards
where they end up.

I can’t
others happy,
I can only be happy
and allow happiness
by considering
ideas as fluid
and allowing thoughts
to grow and change.

I will not
be responsible
for your happiness
it’s yours
to figure out.

I know it doesn’t
seem like it
right now,
but you can



A muted blanket
greets me on the way
to work on this dark
winter morning,

Uneasy as I leave the
safety of the sidewalk
and light behind
to find my way
breaking ground.

Eyes adjust and
the full moon shimmers
reflects all the way
from the Three Sisters
to the disco balls dancing
Alive! Underneath
my black winter boots.

Shadows escape
depth perception,
solid forms melt
away laughing.

When I find the light
of a bridge and
cross over I merge
with other snowprints,

from a time
darker than mine.

His confident treaded
boots weave close
to her treacherous
exclamation points.

She slips and I wonder
about the power
of a party to transform
the innocent
into fearless
mountain trolls.

When I reach the place
where he saves her
in a whirling drunken
pile of prints,
I can’t help but giggle,
what a Hero!

They dared claim
ownership over this valley
with a dress coat and suit,
lost in each others joyful insignificance.

Alone again, smiling
on this ordinary
walk to work.


Be relentless
in your pursuit
of truth.

Don’t mistake
what you’ve been told
with truth.

with passion
and hear your voice
it’s the truth.